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whateverEmotional Cheating In Marriage

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Emotional Cheating In Marriage

What is emotional cheating in marriage? Emotional cheating is when you have intimacy without sex with someone who is not your spouse. It can be difficult to spot emotional cheating in the traditional ways, because it can disguise in a form of friendship. It does not leave you with unwanted baby or sexually transmitted disease. Nevertheless, emotional cheating is a form of infidelity, and it is not healthy for a marriage.

Most people don’t plan for emotionally infidelity. It usually begins with just talking to an acquaintance or a coworker. There is nothing wrong with having a friend. The line is crossed when a person feels strongly attraction to the friend rather than his/her significant other. In a marriage, your spouse should be your closet and best friend. If you have somebody else that you rather talk to than your spouse, it may be a sign. Here are some signs of emotional cheating.

  • Have lunch or dinner with your “friend” without telling your partner
  • Share your thought, fears, hope, and dreams that you never tell your spouse with your “friend”.
  • Hide secretive activities from your spouse.
  • Have sexual thought about your “friend”
  • Keep in touch with your ex.

If you feel that you are vulnerable to emotional cheating, you should resist the temptation. Otherwise, emotional infidelity may turn into something more that may possibly break up your marriage. It may be a good idea to talk to your spouse. Let them know what you like and don’t like in your marriage.

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Emotional Cheating In Marriage

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