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Male Seduction Techniques

Dating is a grueling experience for men, particularly those who are on their first date and those who have never been successful. However, there are certain common dating tips, which if followed, could turn the situation into a romantic and memorable experience. Check out our male seduction techniques.

  • Appearance: This is the most important tip. Men do not understand the importance of first impression. While going on a date, one should always be dressed decently in a well-tailored suit and wear shoes that are properly polished and match with the dress.
  • Style:  Grooming is one key aspect that men should be careful about. Women do not appreciate men who do not take enough care. Apart from having a shaven beard and sorted out hair, men should also take care about their body odor. Body odor is a strict no-no and must be avoided with a regular shower and a good perfume.
  • Professional and responsible: Women always prefer men who are responsible and ambitious about their life and career goals. Hence, guys should be properly employed and have some idea about their future prospects so as to avoid any embarrassment.  However, one has to avoid being deceptive or boastful.
  • Habits: It is good if men avoid smoking or consuming alcohol while on a date. It would be nice if the alcohol is restricted to one or maximum two glasses. Over consumption could lead to problems.

Other tips include:

  • One should always be punctual. Behavior should be courteous. Women often prefer men, who open the door for them, pull out their chair and give them the first preference.
  • Conversation should be mild, pleasant and humorous.
  • One should never expect sex on the first date itself.
  • Women like being flattered and admired. They like men who offer compliments, present gifts and listen attentively to their talk. A man is considered as gentleman once he ensures that his date reaches her home safely.

Another beautiful suggestion is to practice dancing as women appreciate men who are dance well.  

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Male Seduction Techniques

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