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Tips For Dating A FriendTips For Dating A Friend

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Tips For Dating A Friend

The foundation of every relationship is a good friendship. Hence dating a friend is not uncommon. The first thing is to remember that the biggest advantage of dating your friend is that you already know him beforehand. You are aware of his strengths, weaknesses, temperament and other personality traits. This saves you from the anxiety you would face about the character of the person, had you been dating a stranger. You have seen not just the tip, but the whole iceberg. Similarly, you will also have your peace of mind knowing that your friend is already aware of your nature, likes or dislikes. Of course, the flip side is that he will immediately know if and when your actions are not genuine. Are you too interested in dating your friend and would like a good tip? Here are a few:

  • Dating a friend tip 1: While expressing your interest in dating him/her, approach the issue with care. If you don't handle it the right way, you might lose a dear friend.
  • Dating a friend tip 2: Another useful tip is to let your friend know gently that you are attracted to him and would like to date him, but at the same time if he is not on the same page, it would not affect your friendship in anyway.
  • Dating a friend tip 3: A vital tip is that since you are already aware of your friend's interests; approach him/her in a manner that he/she would enjoy. Take him/her to his/her favorite restaurant or for his/her choice of movie - in other words plan the date carefully. This would tell him/her that you care and would genuinely like to delight him/her.
  • Dating a friend tip 4: If your friend reciprocates your feelings and the two of you start dating, it is very important for you to understand that your relationship has now changed. He/she is no longer "just a friend" for you, but that special person in your life whom you need to give exclusive attention to. This is perhaps the biggest useful tip.

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Tips For Dating A Friend

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