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Gay Dating For Southern IllinoisGay Dating For Southern Illinois

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Gay Dating For Southern Illinois

Illinois is the 16th state to pass the gay rights law, and homosexual dating is no longer against the law. There are many organizations, resources, and support groups available for gay people all over Southern Illinois. Carbondale, IL is a good place to start your search.

A good place to start looking for prospective dates is support groups like Rainbow Cafe. You could also get a listing of gay bars in Southern Illinois online. These are places where you could either go dating, or find a date. Though locals are quite tolerant to homosexuals, it is still advisable to avoid public displays of affection while dating. There are still some anti-gay campaign groups active in the area, and a few instances of heckling have been reported. The gay communities in the southern part of the state have avoided these rare confrontations and have formed close knit groups.

It is always a good idea to befriend the barkeeps at the gay bars and let them know your preference of partners. While dating in Southern Illinois, be sure that you meet your partner at-least a couple of times before inviting him/her over. In a close knit group like the Southern Illinois GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual/Pansexual, Transgender) community, it is easy to get important background information that you may need. Since dating is a more personal relationship, be careful about the partners you choose. Beware of sexual predators and sadists who want to take advantage of you. Keep a couple of numbers that you can use in an emergency.

Southern Illinois is a beautiful place and make sure that you utilize the outdoors for dating. Several local groups have experimented with camping at the Shawnee national forest. As always be aware of the risks involved in a homosexual relationship and it is always advisable to be protected.

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Gay Dating For Southern Illinois

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