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How Long Is Common Law Marriage In FloridaHow Long Is Common Law Marriage In Florida

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How Long Is Common Law Marriage In Florida

The state of Florida does not recognize the Common Law Marriage. A Common Law Marriage is a phenomenon in which a man and a woman may consider themselves as husband and wife. Under specific circumstances, they can be deemed as a married couple who are without a license and also without any social ceremony. Florida does not acknowledge any Common Law Marriage within the state, but it recognizes this type of wedding that has taken place in some of the other states.

Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Montana and Alabama are some the states which support this kind of matrimony. Florida acknowledges people living together in these states. The Common Law Marriage lays down that the partners living together must be heterosexual and any kind of homosexual relation is not approved. Moreover, the states recognizing this law do not specify the time period after which the partners would be deemed as wedded. A couple can avail of the benefits of Common Law Marriage only after the female partner uses the surname of the male partner and also if they intend to tie the knot in the near future.

A Common Law marriage is also termed as a 'customary wedding' and 'informal' wedding since the couples have neither sanctified their marriage by registereing with the state. Earlier this type of matrimony was accepted by Florida, but in the past couple of years, amendments have been made in the Constitution which has led to the permanant ban. However, Florida recognizes couples who have started living together before the amendments were made. This kind of matrimony creates a lot of trouble in the immigration process.

If you wish to reside in Florida, then it is best to be wedded legally. In this way, you will be able to lead a normal conjugal life and also avail of the benefits provided by the state to the wedded couples.

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How Long Is Common Law Marriage In Florida

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