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Kissing In Different CulturesKissing In Different Cultures

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Kissing In Different Cultures

Kissing is a form of human interaction that is common to different cultures across the world. Researchers have not been able to pin point the origination of this act, but it has surely been depicted in several ancient scriptures of many civilizations like in India and Greece. As you travel across the world, you will discover that different cultures have different traditions and practices of kissing. To know more about these varied practices around the world, read on.

In the western culture, exchanging kiss is a popular part of everyday life as well as special ceremonies. The French and Italians mostly kiss friends and family on both cheeks to greet each other. This practice has been adopted by most sections of the society in America as well. Kissing is also a part of marriage ceremonies in most cultures following Christian faith where the newly married husband and wife kiss each other on lips after taking vows. Another popular tradition is kissing under a sprig of mistletoe, especially during Christmas. People also blow each other a kiss when conveying affection in a crowd. In short, different forms of exchanging kisses are popularly accepted in most western cultures as a part of their routine life.

In different non western cultures, the story of kissing is quite different. In Islamic countries, men exchange kisses on cheeks as a gesture of greeting. However, any form of intimacy between two people from opposite sex is absolutely prohibited if they are not married or are in public. Some cultures of the Sub Saharan African region as well as in Tibet do not have the practice of kissing at all. The custom is all together alien to them. In the different Asian cultures like India, China, Vietnam etc. kissing a child in the public is openly accepted and practiced. However exchanging kisses by adults in front of others is considered wayward.

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Kissing In Different Cultures

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