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whateverFrench Kissing Techniques

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French Kissing Techniques

A good French kiss may make your date unforgettable, and it can easily turn into something more. Follow our tips to get the basics right. Then master your French kissing techniques with experiment and different styles.

  • Don’t try to kiss anyone with stinky breath. Even if you have the best kissing techniques in the world, nobody wants a smelly kiss. It is important to keep a good hygiene and brush your teeth before your hot date. Use mouthwash or breath mint, if you don’t have time to fresh up.
  • Make your date feels comfortable physically and emotionally. Don’t try to French kiss someone, if they don’t feel comfortable with you.  A lot of people rush into kissing. If you come on too strong, you might just ruin your chance. When you are sure that your date is ready, get him/her into a comfortable position. Then make your move.
  • Eyes are the window to the soul. Eye contact is important, especially for French kissing. Make a good eye contact as you move forward. Then close your eyes when you kiss.
  • Move your faces closely toward your date. Then start kissing gently. Initially, keep your tongue in your mouth. Continue simple closed lips before moving anywhere lese.
  • As the kissing warms up, slowly touch your date’s lips with your tongue tentatively.
  • If the other person’s respond, slowly explore the other person’s tongue. Don’t drool or do tongue wrestling.
  •  Playfully pause occasionally.
  • French kissing can get messy. It is important to know when to stop, especially if you are on the first date.

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French Kissing Techniques

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