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whateverTeen how to kiss tips

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Teen How To Kiss Tips

So you think you are ready to kiss somebody. First kiss can be nerve wrecking, but don’t let your fear get to you. When you are on a hot date, follow these tips for a great awesome kiss.

Great Breath: Don’t forget to brush your teeth before your hot date. Carry chewing gums with you and use it after the meal. You never know when you will get your chance for the big kiss. It might just come up anytime. Even if you don’t get a kiss at the moment, you still need a pleasant breath to talk to your date. Bad breath on a big date is a big turn off.

Moist Lips: Can you imagine kissing someone with really dry or chapped lips? Eeew…That’s just gross.  If you have dry lips, apply some lip gross. Don’t put on too much of it either. Otherwise, you will end up with gooey lip which is also not very sexy. Avoid wearing too much lipstick, because your partner will end up wearing it too after the kiss.

Feel The Body Vibes: Make sure your date want to kiss you. There is nothing more embarrassing and awkward than your date pulling back from your kiss.
Watch the body vibes before going in for the kill. If you are not sure, try to hold their hands and touch their cheek. If they giggle, it is a good sign. Never ask for the kiss. Asking for a kiss is a sign of uncertainty and weakness. 

Eye Contact: Gaze into your date’s eye before kissing. Then close your eyes just before your lips meet. It is weird to kiss with wide open eyes.

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Teen How To Kiss Tips

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